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When designing a bedroom, most people want a calm and relaxing space. Your room should make you want to take a deep breath, lay down, and curl up. When you choose over-the-bed art, your biggest consideration should be the mood and personality of your space. Here are some guidelines to help when starting to choose artwork over your bed. 

Start with considering your space. Do you have a large space? Small? Widows? This can play a significant role in the decorating process. You want a piece of artwork that helps compliment all of these key characteristics.  

Choose restful images by incorporating artwork with landscapes, nature and natural colors. By doing this you are not only following the rule of keeping it simple, but also aiming for balance. 

Play with Scale - Aim for lengthy artwork that meets the dimensions of your bed following the 50-80% rule. When looking at artwork, you want it to be between 50-80% width of the headboard and hanging 4-6 inches above. 

Choose Artwork You LOVE - choosing pieces with texture and movement will help bring your room to life. 

Invest in Framing - Investing in frames for artwork can offer several benefits and enhance your artwork's overall presentation and preservation. When talking about aesthetics in frames can significantly enhance the visual appeal of artwork, complementing its style, subject matter, and overall aesthetic. The right frame choice can help bring out the artwork's colors, textures, and details, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing presentation. A well-chosen frame can elevate the artwork's impact and make it stand out in any space.


When choosing artwork for above your bed, the key consideration should be the mood and personality of your space. Creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere is essential for a bedroom; the right artwork can contribute to that ambiance. Above all, choose artwork that you truly love. Select pieces that resonate with you and bring a sense of texture and movement to your room. This will breathe life into the space, making it more personal and inviting. Remember, the artwork above your bed can transform your space into a sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and find solace. By following these guidelines, you can curate a bedroom that embraces tranquility and reflects your personal taste, ensuring a peaceful and restful environment for years to come.


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