How to design a room with Cove Prints

Creating your dream space can be both exciting, and overwhelming. Now it’s already clear that one blog post cannot simply encapsulate each trick and tip that we could offer you. Everyone's creative process is different, therefore, your space is sure to be unique and tailored to your style. If you’re someone who can get completely overwhelmed in the design process for a new space, here are a few ways to help you get started in bringing a room back to life. It’s also worth noting here that not every step needs to be done in order.
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Get inspired- Pin It!
Pinterest is a great place to look for future inspo for a space. It’s where most people can get scared and stop before they start. It’s also a place where you can easily get sidetracked to follow someone else’s home decor style and not have it stay true to your own. Find what you are consistently drawn to. Whether that is Coastal Modern, MCM, Boho, or Traditional.

Not sure what your “style” is? Here’s a hot tip: Go to Pinterest and start pinning 50-100 rooms that you LOVE. Don’t type anything into the search bar, just look at the photo and the elements in the photo that inspire you or that you would want to “copy & paste” into your home. Once you see what you are drawn to and the commonalities in the pins you have, you can start to lean into that as a navigation tool for future purchases.

If you’re not starting over from complete scratch and would prefer a “refresh” you might have to be more specific with your search.

If you are redecorating completely, get rid of anything that you do not need, use or as Marie Kondo would say, “sparks joy”. 

Choose Your Color Palette 
What are the neutral or colorful tones that match your new favorite Cove Print? Keep in mind that all styles and patterns CAN work together and mix if you have a consistent color palette within your home. Doing this will help your home have energy and feel cohesive. If you go back to step 1, you’ll likely see a consistent color palette in your pinning. If you’re also keeping pieces from your previous styled space, you might consider adding in those colors as accent colors. 

Map it out
Consider a Functional Space over “Trendy”. Think about how this room can evolve, not only with styles but over time. Do you want to have to redecorate this room again in the next year? 5 years? 10? There are plenty of free online room design tools if you want to create a floorplan, or you can go old-fashioned and sketch it out on paper. Before you buy any new furniture pieces, you should properly measure your space. 

Start Purchasing
New pieces that you might want to buy can take some research. Source them from retailers and determine your budget that you want to spend on the space. This will help ensure that you do not skimp on quality or your high-use items. You don’t want to have to replace a sofa in a couple years, or have something as big as a bed purchase breaking. Once the core pieces are installed, you can then visualize the more “fun” secondary furniture pieces that can help tie the room together such as woven baskets & throw blankets, pillows and/or end tables. 

Style, Play, Have Fun
Know that  you might change your mind during this process. And that’s ok. But don’t be afraid to try something new. This is your time to make your room feel special, and reflect YOU.

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