Which frame color are you?

Have you found your perfect picture from Cove Prints, but not sure which frame color to choose? Say no more. Learn what your frame color says about you. You can take a variety of approaches when it comes to picking out your frame, but remember to go with your gut. After all, you’ll be the one enjoying its beauty everyday!

Don’t over think matching your frame color to all the colors in the photo. Here at Cove Prints we currently offer a selection of white, black, white oak, light natural and walnut finishes. Our frames are constructed by hand in the USA, using only real wood materials. Consider the overall tone of your space with these options. To help your beautiful artwork stand out, try to make sure it’s not too similar to the color of your walls. 


There are multiple ways to start choosing your frame with your new Cove Print: 

Choose a color from the photo - think neutral. If you don’t want to make a bold statement with an opposite-colored frame, try going with something that will help complement the piece of work. White and black frames can often communicate clean, neat and classic. Rather than drawing attention from the artwork, it gives the display of work an enhanced and crisp finish. This can also help your room have a “modern” look and feel. Wooden frames, such as the ones we offer, are the alternative that can add some flare to your print. The simplistic nature offers an alternative, rugged, traditional look you may want to add to your home. They can help add warmth and detail to help bring your photograph to life.

Go for a dramatic effect - instead of choosing a color frame that brings out a neutral tone, try choosing one that is the complete opposite of that in the picture. This helps draw the eyes to the framed display in your room. Artwork with warmer tones, like red, brown, and orange, look best with darker woods like mahogany and walnut, while cooler tones, such as blues and greens, pair better with lighter oak, ash, and pine.

The next question you might ask yourself in framing is: Mat or no mat? Adding a mat to your photograph or piece of artwork can help tidy up the display and complement the framed piece. Larger poster and gallery size prints do not require a mat, and oftentimes are not offered. However, it can be done. 

Another thing to consider when purchasing artwork and prints from Cove is that when choosing a frame with us, we use scratch resistant, frame-grade acrylic plexiglass for all of our frames. Acrylic is the safest option for shipping as it's less likely to shatter, and offers increased UV protection as well. 

We hope that when you choose Cove Prints, you feel that it is easy to find the right frame for you and your room. As always, happy decorating, and please reach out to us and our support team if you ever have any questions or need help deciding the perfect piece for you! 

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