Meet, Capri


Capri is one of my very favorite art prints, and was a huge source of inspiration behind starting Cove Prints. The original photograph was taken on medium format film during our travels to Italy. It was the most beautiful late summer day, just on the brink of fall. We took a small boat tour out to the island of Capri. The waves were rocky, but seeing the little island took my breath away and gave me such a sense of adventure. In Italy, there didn't seem to be as many rules as there are in the US. A lot of the historic sites and monuments are on busy streets, with no ropes or signs saying not to touch them.

When we arrived on Capri, we took a thrilling chair lift ride to the top of the island - and I was taken back by the lack of safety precautions offered. The individual chairs had no seat belts, and no warning signs were posted. We even saw some parents holding little babies on their laps up to the top. It was a steep ride, so it felt pretty thrilling to say the least!

It was such a magical day exploring Capri, and I'm so glad we captured this image of Capri to remember that spirit of exploration, freedom and wonder. We hope you feel the same way when you look at it in your home! 

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