Top 5 Easy Coastal Modern Tips


Echo the beauty of bays and oceans with our favorite easy ways to encapsulate your home in Coastal Modern style.

What is Modern Coastal Design? The modern coastal design blends the sleek minimalism of contemporary design with the beach feel of coastal design. The result is typically a space filled with clean lines, coastal colors, and subtle nods to the beachy surroundings. 

When we are by the water, we start to feel at ease. The feeling of relaxation and calm hits your body. Bringing this positive energy inside the favorite rooms of your home can help you unwind after a long day. It’s a way to evoke all of the feelings you want to have without the cliché look every East or West Coast beach cottage may have. Décor ideas such as natural materials, ocean-inspired art, and a bright color palette can help bring this vision to life.

Here are our Top 5 Easy Tips to make your home feel more Coastal Modern:

Use Inspiring Artwork.
  • Brush strokes, texture, color, and classic coastal colors can come together. Look for a chosen piece of art that makes you feel inspired and sophisticated. 
  • Want it a little more colorful? Wallpaper.


    Keep Things Subtle and Simple.

    • Your home doesn’t need shells, sand, or beach glass jars everywhere. If you want to embrace this theme minimally and yet evident, curate and choose pieces that can add style to your space. Décor such as shell bookends, navy vases, small driftwood pieces and rounded mirrors with leather hanging straps. Neutral-colored starfish and books on your center tables. Woven furniture pieces. Plants you might find along the shore, like pampas grass. These things can add maritime references without being too obnoxious. Resist the urge to have your home feel like a costume or tourist AirBnB. Do you know what we mean?

    Make Coastal Feel Cozy with Wood
    • Mix white with warm neutrals and layers of texture. It's encouraged to keep your woods light, but if you’re someone that loves a more forward, eclectic style, mix your wood tones on things such as wood end tables, picture frames, etc. 
    • Work on having pieces that can rotate In your home year-round. 


      Use your floor plan to your advantage.

      • Most coastal homes are open, light, and airy. An excellent way to create this look, no matter how tight-spaced your home may be, is to have minimal pieces and light/neutral colors to help your house feel like it has a more open floor plan. Take on a tonal color palette.

      Don’t be afraid to incorporate the classics of coastal style

      • Use classic stripes 
      • Hang curtains and blinds from the same window, or use light sheer curtains.
      • Use woven baskets and linens. If you don’t want to use woven furniture like kitchen table chairs or end tables in your home, try woven baskets to keep linen blankets in. Or utilizing woven baskets as a part of your plants vases.


      By incorporating these design elements and following the tips outlined above, you can transform your home into a modern coastal retreat. Embrace the light and airy color palette, incorporate natural textures and materials, and add subtle nautical motifs and coastal-inspired accessories. Remember, the key to achieving the desired style is creating a space that makes you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected to the tranquil beauty of the ocean. So go ahead, dive into the modern coastal trend, and enjoy your own personal coastal haven right at home.

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